Can We Start You Off With Some Appetizers?

Can We Start You Off With Some Appetizers?

Get your meal off to the right start

Big Jay's Pizzeria is home to some of the most enticing appetizers in Marcy, NY. All menu items are guaranteed to carry a powerful burst of mouthwatering flavor. Since we don't skimp on the portions, our appetizers make a great meal on their own.

Stop by our pizza joint today to try one of our yummy appetizers.

Complement your meal with a tasty appetizer

Everyone knows that the main course is the star of the show-but the appetizer is the true hero. Small plates set the tone for the entire meal, and they give guests a small taste of the restaurant's cooking style. Get to know what Big Jay's Pizzeria has to offer when you order our:

  • Chicken tenders
  • Friend Meatballs
  • Br. Mushrooms
  • Br. Cauliflower¬†
  • Mac & Cheese Bites
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Onion rings
  • French fries
  • Loaded Fries
  • Poppers
  • 12 Boneless Wings¬†

Whether you munch 'em or dunk 'em, we guarantee you're going to love 'em.

Call 315-982-9536 now to place your order.